The Drawn Data Project

January 22, 2013

The spirit of the project, from Cheryl Hersha:

“We the Children of Ritual Abuse/Mind Control, in order to form a living testimonial, do hereby gather and share our evidence, memories, data, to make the world aware and to declare that WE, ourselves, are the living proof of the crimes committed against our bodies, souls and spirits. Our words, our drawings, our art and our data are herein amassed together so the TRUTH can be told in unity and clarity, to all people. We found ways to survive the brutalities, injustices, torture and torments inflicted upon our innocence, lawlessly and mercilessly, our basic human rights denied and discarded by those in power who made every excuse to justify their evils perpetrated against us. We stand together, in testament to the triumphs of our spirits, and the scars we bear in our minds, souls and bodies we adamantly declare, is all the evidence the world should require to recognize the truths of our existence. We live.”

The name of the project, inspired by Wanda Karriker, who in 2012, in response to critics’ cries for data said,

“I am data. And I realized . . . so are other victims from around the world who experienced RA/MC and similar forms of abuse. Some survived; some didn’t. We are all data.”

Indeed, we are, all of us, thousands of survivors, points of data. I present to you a collection of commonalities of experience between people who had never met each other, at the time of the creation of the entries, and have no other agenda besides finding some advocacy for themselves, and ensuring that these abuses are not perpetuated upon subsequent generations.